Faith Wheels

Faith Wheels Tankers was established in July 2007 and offers bulk road transportation of fuel and illuminating paraffin.  


Due to the hazardous nature of what we transport, we comply with stringent industry-specific practices and standards, and we are SQAS-accredited.  


Our drivers undergo the required training and tests to ensure that they are fully capable to transport hazardous loads with the highest levels of safety, and our fleet is specially equipped to transport these loads. 


Our people

We have an open-door policy with our staff and we focus on having amiable and supportive working relationships with each of them.  Our staff turnover is low and we believe that each staff member is an asset to our business.

Owner & Director

This is Jaques Fourie

Fourie is a director of the business and started Faith Wheels in 2007. Jacques has over 31 years’ experience in the transport industry, all of which has been in the sphere of hazardous goods transportation. Jacques understands every aspect of operations, having worked his way up from Operations Controller level dealing with day-to-day operations to where he is today. He is still very much involved in the operations of the business, thereby ensuring service provided to our customers is what is of the high


This is Mark Fourie

is a director of the business and joined Faith Wheels in 2009. Mark has extensive managerial experience in all aspects of the telecommunications industry, having worked in South Africa and Mozambique for over 8 years before joining the company. Mark is also very much involved in the operations of the business, alongside Jacques.


This is Marisca Fourie

Operations Manager

This is Gawie Nieuwoudt

Gawie Nieuwoudt is an Operations Manager and oversees all the company’s SQAS requirements, ensuring that stringent measures are in place so that the required standards are met.

This is Elmarie le Roux

Finance Executive

This is Jonty Mulligan