Operating Principles

The management and operating principles that we apply in our business, which we strongly believe contribute to our current success, are as follows:


•    A lean overhead structure with quality of people and resources as the main emphasis.

•    Focus on the needs of our customers to ensure the highest service satisfaction levels possible.

•    Ethical and honest business principles in all activities.

•    Direct involvement, on all levels of interaction, between Faith Wheels’ management team and our customers to ensure minimal delays in problem solving and day-to-day operations.

•    Effective and streamlined systems and procedures in all departments which are customer-focused and add quality and value to the business.

•    Well managed and effective accounting and administrative systems.

•    Leading communication structures between the operations management team, drivers and customers using on-vehicle cellular phones as well as the Matrix Tracking System, incorporating GPS and GSM facilities.

•    Optimal vehicle utilisation through closely monitored operating standards, scheduling and control systems.

•    A high standard of preventative maintenance to ensure optimal vehicle availability and reliability.

•    Stringent standards and measures with regards to legal operating in terms of traffic violations, payloads, driving hours, vehicle roadworthiness and general regulations.

•    Overall approach of Responsible Care in our operations to ensure the safe delivery of customers’ goods.

•    Constant focus on training provided to drivers and staff, with an emphasis on safety management, specifically the transportation of hazardous chemicals and fuels.

•    Applying our own experience and expertise to carefully assess and calculate contract rates so as to ensure market-related competitiveness and consistent, sustainable profitability.

•    Optimal payload technology to ensure market competitiveness.

•    Quality drivers who are fairly remunerated in relation to their value add to the company.

•    Application of the Quality Management System of Sasol, SQAS and adhering to all aspects of SHEQ requirements (Safety, Health, Environment and Quality).


•    Retaining a well-balanced insurance portfolio, covering all areas of risk.

•    Our equipment is comprehensively insured and underwritten.  

•    All aspects of insurance are covered, including fire, theft, hijacking, accidental damage and replacement as well as SASRIA.  

•    We have Limited General/Tenants/Property Owners Liability Cover and Carrier’s Liability Cover which includes incident management to the point of complete rehabilitation.

•    Our Insurance Portfolio also makes provision for Goods in Transit Insurance.